Air Conditioning
There are three air conditioning units on board. They are located in the main parlor, the master bedroom, and the forward bunkroom. We will show you how to operate the units upon arriving on board. These systems can only be run while at dock.
Wi-Fi/Internet is provided at no charge.
Sound System
There is a 3 zone stereo sound system that is also Bluetooth compatible with your android or apple device. We will show how to operate upon arriving on board.
There are 2 bathrooms and one shower on board. Special marine grade toilet paper has been provided for you. Please do not use any other paper or flush any other items down the toilet otherwise extensive damage will incur and you will be charged a damage fee of $200. Hold the flush button down until  the water empties out of the bowl. The holding tanks are empty when you arrive. They are intented for normal use for 2-4 people. Should you have any guests visit you during your stay, there are additonal bathrooms and showers availbable at the Marina Store. A key is provided for your use. 
Are provided for your use. If you are in need of addtional sets, please contact us and we will be happy to deliver them to you.
Cable TV is available while at dockside in the Main Salon and in the Master Bedroom.
Fire Extinguishers
Located in the kitchen and in the engine room. The engine room is accessible by removing the stair that lead down to the kitchen.
Can be pruchased at the Marina Store or at the  Market on Beck Avenue
Fire Pit
There is a propane fire pit that is wonderful to gather around on a cool afternoon or evening. It is located on the bow of the boat. Please do not move it from its location. To operate, turn the gas knob open and press the igniter button.
Induction Stove Top Directions
The pots and pans provided are made specifically for the induction stove top and any other pans will not function. The burners will heat up when the cookware is placed upon them. The stovetop will remain cool to the touch once the pan is removed. There are no open flames. The stovetop will turn off automatically when a pan is removed. 
On board is a propane grill aveailable for your use. Simply turn the gas knob open and press in the igniter button. Please keep the grill on the outside deck where it is located.
The controls for each of the vessel are located on the ceiling. Simply press the on button and control the level of light desired with the dimmer switch.
Please refer to instructions that are located on the microwave.